5-Star 8.5″ Curved Professional Pet Dog Grooming Shears

  • Material:  Japanese Cobait 440A
  • Symmetric handle design.
  • Left hand shears available too.
  • Senior Groomers
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  • Material:  Japanese Cobait 440A
  • Specially added rare metals such as cobalt, molybdenum and vanadium with special quenching process, the cutting edge hardness is close to 60 degrees rock well, which can maintain long lasting sharpness and durability.
  • can meet the needs of the pet shops
  • Symmetric handle design.
  • Left hand shears available too.
  • Senior Groomers

In daily life, the dog’s hair grows very quickly. In addition to taking the dog to the pet store to trim the dog’s hair, we should also learn to trim the dog’s hair at home, then trim the dog’s grooming. What are the tools? How can I use it without hurting my dog?

Four essential tools for pet grooming:


A wide-tooth comb and a fine-tooth comb. When buying, choose a round tooth end and cross section to avoid tearing the fur and hurting the dog’s skin. For long-haired dogs, a wide-tooth comb is used to comb the outer coat to smooth out tangles and tangles; a fine-toothed comb is used to comb the inner coat.

Hair comb

Short-haired dogs are usually groomed with a brush, which is a rectangular plate with short, curved wire teeth fixed with a handle. The function of the brush is to comb the lower layer of fluff shed from the short-haired dog.

In addition to combing hair with a comb, another important tool is a shearing tool. Dogs have all kinds of shearing tools. Too professional shearing devices need to be handled by professional beauticians. The average owner usually only needs to prepare “scissors” and “nail scissors”.


It is best to choose a type of scissors with a rounded edge to avoid accidentally stabbing your dog’s skin. The function of scissors is to trim the fine hair around the eyes, ears, lips, anus and genitals, and the soles of the feet. In addition, use scissors to be especially careful not to cut off the dog’s whiskers, and can be used with a comb when trimming.

Nail clippers

Dogs’ nails are often a tool they use to make noise. In order to eliminate the noise, dog owners must regularly trim their dog’s nails. When choosing nail scissors, it is safer to use guillotine-type scissors.

Seven steps about dog grooming 

  • Brushing: Use a brush to brush the dog’s coat, which can brush away the dead hair and knots on the dog’s body, making the coat soft, neat and shiny.
  • Combing: After finishing the brushing step, comb the hair with a comb, because there will be small knots after brushing, so it must be thoroughly combed with a comb.
  • Trimming the toenails: If the dog’s toenails are too long, they will pierce into the toenails, making it difficult to walk. This step is also very important in grooming.
  • Bathing: After completing the above four steps, you can bathe the dog.
  • Drying: After taking a bath, use an absorbent towel to absorb the water, and then use a bellows or hair dryer to dry the hair.
  • Trimming: This is the last step, which refers to the whole body trimming of the dog. The shape of each breed of dog is very particular about trimming.

Notes on pruning:

  • Don’t be distracted when trimming, nails, combs and scissors are potential threats to dogs.
  • Keeping the tip of the scissors down, it is better to cut several times than to get too close to the skin.