Shernbao Dog Pet Grooming Stool Bronco Anatomic Stool


  • Ergonomic saddle chair, relieves the stress on the back and spine caused by sitting for long periods
  • A much more comfortable and ergonomic design than most work stools and chairs
  • Constructed from durable faux leather fabric, chrome-plated metal base, and smooth rolling casters
  • Lifting ranges from 51.5cm to 64cm.
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·Ergonomic saddle chair, relieves the stress on the back and spine caused by sitting for long periods.
·A much more comfortable and ergonomic design than most work stools and chairs.
·Constructed from durable faux leather fabric, chrome-plated metal base, and smooth rolling casters.
·Lifting ranges from 51.5cm to 64cm.

Pet beauty will make pets more confident, and pet beauty must go to a pet grooming shop! Of course, pet owners can also groom their dogs at home by themselves! Let’s briefly introduce the common grooming treatments for you. What are the problems?

What grooming tools do I need to keep at home?

A: The grooming tools required by pet groomers vary according to the type of pet. But generally you will need at least: nail clippers, cotton balls for cleaning your ears, scissors for trimming knotted hair, and a needle or general comb.

Pets are groomed regularly every month, what else needs to be done

A: Even if your pet is regularly groomed by a pet groomer, you still need to check its ears, eyes, trim dead knots, and brush it at least once a week (some special breeds of long-haired dogs require daily All combing is done) to ensure that the hair is not tangled, especially in the period of shedding.

How often do you bathe your pet?

A: If you do groom your pet regularly, you don’t need to bathe as often. Usually once a week is enough, unless you need to increase the number of baths when it is dirty, or just rolled on the dirty grass or has a skin disease. When bathing, it is best to plug your ears with cotton balls to prevent water from entering. The pH of pet skin is not the same as that of humans. Human shampoos can dry out pets’ skin too much, and they’re not as effective as pet-specific shampoos.

What should I do if the pet’s hair is very knotted?

A: The pet groomer suggests that if it is really serious, it is best to shave the whole body. But be especially careful in winter, as pets that are shaved can easily catch a cold if they are not careful; if necessary, put a piece of clothing on the pet. In summer, be careful of sunburn or heat stroke.

What to eat is good for dog hair?

A: The care of pet fur should be from the inside out, so food supplements are very important. From a nutritional point of view, vitamins A and E, as well as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, play an important role in a dog’s coat color. You can choose dog food that has special nutrition for dog hair, or add some hair beauty powder for nutritional supplements.

Essential tools for pet grooming – Beauty stool

Dogs and cats are active, and untrained dogs and cats are not easy to accept grooming actions quietly. Therefore, a special grooming stool for pet grooming that can be bound, slip-proof and safe is very necessary.

Beauty stools have been developed from the early fixed wooden stools to the iron movable stools to the current aluminum stools. Due to different operating occasions, it can be roughly divided into the following forms:

  • Lightweight and easy to carry, it is suitable for use when you need to go out, such as dog and cat shows or travel.
  • Work type. Slightly heavier but more stable, it will not shake when dogs and cats are restless. It is the most commonly used workbench in the pet grooming industry.
  • Oil pressure or steam type. It is heavy and not easy to move, but it can be freely adjusted in height and can be rotated 360°. It is suitable for various types of dogs and cats. It can match the height and habits of the beautician when grooming.