Shernbao Dog Pet Grooming Tool Case SB-104 Artificial leather

  • Inside PU leather made
  • Plenty space for grooming tools storage
  • 9 pouches right for scissors, combs, hair clips. Also has space for photo IDs, very roomy
  • Comfortable in hand
  • Well organise your small grooming tools
  • Black colour
  • Convenient and useful for groomer and barber
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SB-104 Artificial leather Tool Case

There are many breeds of dogs, and the grooming equipment and techniques used are different, but most dog and cat grooming starts with the following 7 procedures: brushing, grooming, ear and eye cleaning, toenail repair, and bathing, drying Dried, trimming. The following 12 kinds of grooming equipment are relied on for pet grooming:


  1. Beauty table


Dogs and cats are active, and untrained dogs and cats are not easy to accept grooming actions quietly. Therefore, a special workbench for pet grooming that can be bound, slip-proof and safe is very necessary.


  1. Electric scissors


For all kinds of pet grooming preliminary styling, you need to use an electric clipper first to quickly cut off excess hair.


Electric shears come in all shapes and sizes, from rechargeable AC and DC for home use to fast shears for professionals.


  1. Scissors


At the time of manufacture, the manufacturer has set the tooth width, density, and length of the electric scissors for various hair qualities. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, according to the length, shortness, sparseness, density, and styling needs of the pet’s coat, the standard style can be quickly cut by replacing the electric shears.


Electric scissors can be classified by number. The larger the number, the shorter the hair can be cut and the closer it is to the skin. Taking the shortest 40# (0.1mm) as an example, if the hair is reversed, it will produce the same effect as shaving with a razor, so most veterinarians use this model before surgery.


  1. Beauty scissors


Beauty scissors make up for the fact that electric shears are only trimmed according to the original structure. Clever use of it can make the coat three-dimensional and can learn from each other’s strengths according to the standards of dogs and cats, especially the modification of details needs to use beauty scissors.


  1. Beauty comb


Grooming combs are used for combing, picking loose coats, and with the picking action of scissors when cutting. Combs are different in length, short, dense, and sparse. The materials are mainly metal products. In addition to durability, preventing static electricity is also one of the issues to be considered.


  1. Steel needle comb


Open the tangled coat or remove the undercoat (fuzz), no matter the slight or serious tangles, which can be combed with a steel needle comb, which can achieve twice the result with half the effort. The steel needle comb is implanted with elastic “<” shaped steel needles on the colloidal panel. Because the needles are thin, they can easily penetrate the inside of the hairball and can be ejected if they encounter obstacles during combing, reducing hair damage.


  1. Brush


The brush can be used to quickly comb the coat, promote hair metabolism and increase surface gloss. Daily quick grooming for long-haired dogs, as well as skin massage for short-haired dogs and cats.


  1. Knife


A clumpy coat (forms heavily tangled hairballs) is not easy to comb but can be operated more quickly and effortlessly with the sharp edge of the knot knife, which is thickened and dulled to prevent cuts to the skin, so it is quite safe to use.


  1. Toenail cutter (pliers)


Toenail clippers (pliers) can easily cut off excess toenails.


A good toenail clipper (pliers) needs to have the following conditions:


The blade is sharp, the cut is flat, and the head can be replaced or reground.


  1. Hemostatic forceps


Surgical hemostatic forceps are used in the pet grooming industry, mainly to remove inner and outer ear hair, clip foreign bodies between teeth and external parasites, or clip cotton (ear washing).


  1. Peeling knife


Most dogs and Wirehaired dogs have rough and hard coats. Regular peeling can keep the dog hair of the best hair quality. The peeling knife can peel off dead hair, accelerate the hair metabolism cycle, and make the hair reasonable and hard. , to meet the requirements of the dog’s coat quality.


  1. Hair dryer


Use a hair dryer when drying and styling (straightening) your pet’s coat.


A good hair dryer needs to have the following conditions:


Durable motor; heat and air volume can be adjusted; the air outlet can be adjusted left and right, height can be adjusted; the air suction port is easy to clean.


  1. Absorbent towel


In the real working environment, it is impossible to prepare a large number of towels, because there are practical difficulties in placing, cleaning, and drying them. The appearance of absorbent towels is very convenient. It is small in size, large in water absorption, and reusable. Therefore, it has become a necessity for pet grooming.


  1. Beauty paper


The ligation of the long-haired dog and cat’s bun, as well as the protective ligation of the whole body coat, all need to be fixed with beauty paper, to use the rubber band as a barrier and buffer.


  1. Rubber ring


Cosmetic paper, bowknot, bun, hair fixation, as well as the split and bundle of beauty styling all need to use rubber bands. Generally, the most commonly used size is 7 and 8. There are very few users of ultra-small, most of them It is used by professional groomers in dog and cat show competitions.


  1. Masks


Cowardly or violent pets will be in a state of rejection or resistance when they touch strangers. To prevent bites and complete grooming work, the use of masks is necessary.


A good mask needs to have the following conditions:


It will not hurt pets; the buckle is easy to use and can be operated quickly; not easy to fall off; easy to clean.