Shernbao DT-60 Premium Dog Grooming Absorption Towel


  • Premium absorption towels that help dry dogs fast
  • Blue, Pink, Grey, Yellow and Green available.
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  • Premium absorption towels that help dry dogs fast
  • Blue, Pink, Grey, Yellow and Green avaliable.

Pets take the cake for being cute and cuddly, but their hair can cause disaster in the washing machine. As professional pet groomers know, dog and cat hair often builds up in laundry appliances, leading to immediate and future problems. Even hair salon owners struggle with these issues when the pet hair of “pet parent” clients tags along on towels.

The good news? Pet hair does not have to ruin your day — or your washer. You can learn how to clean fur-filled towels the right way and avoid messy and costly concerns, leaving everyone happy.

 Why Is Pet Hair So Bad for Washing Machines, Anyway?

Of course, even experts who deal daily with pet hair on laundry dog drying towels do not realize that fur can be problematic in the wash. The main reason lies with the way fur reacts to most fabrics. Instead of brushing off, like human hair usually will, the fur clings to materials such as cotton, cotton blends and synthetics.

Unless you take specific measures to remove the tag-along fur from towels and other laundry items, it will end up in the washing machine. Once there, the fur tends to form solid clumps. Rather than washing clean away from the fibers, it turns into gummy masses. These solid pieces of matted, soggy fur cannot rinse away cleanly.

Where do all these fur knots end up? In a best-case scenario, they remain on the towels for you to peel off before tossing the laundry into the dryer. More commonly, a bit of the fur sticks to the side of the washing machine drum and the rest gets into the outgoing water pipes. Eventually, the jumbles of fur erode and block the washing machine draining system.

Proven Ways to Keep Dog Bath Towels From Wrecking a Washer

At this point, you might wonder if pet fur can ever truly be tamed. It can! As long as you take a few basic steps every time you toss a pet hair covered towel or clothing item into the washing machine, you reduce the likelihood of burdening your appliances and plumbing.

Try the following tricks and tips aimed at keeping all that pet fur in the trash can where it belongs!

Give Dry Pet Towels the Lint Roller Treatment

Use a lint roller as a fast, inexpensive way to remove pet hair from towels before they ever get to the washing machine. The lint roller should pick up a good amount of fur as long as the towel is not wet. However, make sure the towel only has a little bit of fur on it, rather than being loaded with tons of pet hair. Otherwise, you may find yourself constantly removing the sticky sheets of paper from the roller as you try to keep up.

If you make lint rolling towels a part of your regular routine, you can get pet hair out of your dog bath towels before they ever get close to your laundry facilities.

Brush Off Pet Towels With a Dry or Damp Sponge

No lint roller on hand to tackle a mountain of pet hair covered towels? Allow the towels to air dry. Then, lay each one flat on a surface such as a working table or the floor.

Carefully brush the towels with the abrasive side of a dry or slightly moist sponge. The sponge will help jostle and lift any fur from the towel, allowing you to shake out the towel and sweep or vacuum the fur.

Run Fur-Covered Groomers Towels Through the Dryer First

Want another hint to help you keep your cat and dog bath towels from staying furry? Give them a tumble in the dryer along with a fabric softening sheet before you clean them in the washing machine.

To avoid stains setting in, be sure your dryer is on a no-heat setting. After about 5-10 minutes, take out the towels and shake them vigorously. The pet hair should come off easily. If you still have some fur stubbornly clinging to the fibers, use your lint roller to pick up renegade pet hair strands.

As a side note, be certain to check your dryer lint trap after taking this route. Cleaning it frequently ensures you get rid of all the pet fur trapped in the machine.