Shernbao Groomer’s Third Arm FDS-02


  • Material: Stainless Steel.
  • Grooming arm for dryer hose& Handheld dryer.
  • 36” Arm with 16” flexible pipe and 1-1/4-inch clamps.
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Shernbao Groomer’s Third Arm FDS-02


A small, sturdy clip that securely attaches to a table or other object (eg door, chair, armrest, etc.). An easy-to-use saddle and bungee unit that conveniently accommodates most, if not all, handheld hair dryers. It can easily accommodate blower hoses, lights, or anything else you need. The commercial-quality hose easily bends into place but stays where you put it.

Can be used with various beauty stations

The aluminum frame can hold all sizes of hair dryers on the market

The best use of a double-tube hair dryer

Release your hands, easy to operate, you can free up both hands to groom the dog

Aluminum alloy casting one-piece molding fixture, sturdy and durable

High-strength stainless steel boom + aluminum alloy frame head

The hose is tough and durable, accurate in positioning, and can be fixed at all angles and heights.


Free both hands for grooming with the Groomer’s Third Arm!

Experience hands-free drying with this groomer’s third arm

Holds a dryer hose or handheld dryer where you need it

36” Arm with 16” flexible pipe and 1-1/4-inch clamps

Sturdy Heavy-duty clamp 1-1/4-inch attached to create a helpful “third hand”.

Clamps accommodate most size dryer hoses and feature rubber tips that won’t mar tabletop or equipment.

The gooseneck-style cable can be positioned at any angle to hold the dryer where you need it to help you groom more efficiently.



The groomer’s third arm is a flexible arm that holds the end of a hose of the dryer for the groomer. It comes with a free clamp to attach to the table. Compatible with handheld dryers and the houses to most velocity. Professional hands-free drying with this grooming dryer holder. Equipped with heavy-duty, metal clamps that screw securely onto most grooming tables or normal tables with a thickness between 1/4 inches -1 1/5 inches. With a gooseneck holder that can be positioned at any angle, it holds a handheld dryer where you need it and helps you groom more efficiently. Turn your normal desk into a grooming table easily! Note: Arm Only, Hair dryer, or table not included.