KA-505BK-304 SUS304 Stainless Steel Professional Modular Cage System

Cages bank with 5S+4M+2L

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• This high-performanced cage bank is functional but economical.
• Features as high-end cage banks: Double-point latch system 1L cage could be divided into 2M cages.
• Denser steel wires near the doors to avoid dogs escapes.
• Full bottom frames with casters are for additional options.
• Medium bottom frame fits 1L cage or 2M cages and large bottom frame fits 2L cages.
• Reasonable design for easily installation but assembly tightly.
• Various combinations are available for options: 5S+4M+2L, 4M+2L, 2M+1L, 3S+3S+3S.
• Full SUS304 Stainless Steel Material