Shernbao SMD-C KIT Pet Vacuum Grooming Brush Kit

Shernbao SMD-C KIT Pet Vacuum Grooming Brush Kit

The SMD-C KIT Pet Vacuum Grooming Brush Kit including:

  • Undercoat Breaker Brush
  • De-Shedding Brush
  • Slicker Brush
  • Cleaning Brush
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Compatible with most vacuum cleaner brands which comes with A SUCTION HOSE or HANDLE, the vacuum cleaner MUST WITH Φ32mm(1 1/4″) or Φ35mm(1 3/8″)handle. As well as suitable for Dyson V7 V8 V10 V12 V15 vacuum cleaners. Very easy installation.


Does your pet shed A LOT ? and you may meet the following troubles:

1. There will be a lot of fallen hair in the home environment and on your clothes.

2. After grooming the pet hair, you have to clean the room and brush, and finally remove the hair fallen on you.

3. After taking a bath for pets, there will be a lot of fallen hairs in the bathroom, or even blocking the drainage channel.

4. When drying wet pets, the fallen hair will flutter in the air, just like a pillow fight.

Now, you have SHERNBAO Self-Cleaning grooming kit will help you say goodbye to the trouble with your pet’s hair.

De-Shedding Brush

It is precision designed to conform to pets’ natural shape,help glide over skin, and prevent digging in on the edges.

It’s more efficient for all dogs and cats with medium and short hairs that are easy to fall off.

The edge of the 66mm (2.6inch) stainless steel safety blade can easily contact pets’ short bottom hair, which is convenient to remove messy and fallen hair on the inner layer, helping the hair grow circularly, and keeping the hair beautiful and supple all the time.

Slicker Brush

It features long, curved pins set into a firm pad, specifically designed to penetrate long and dense coats, suitable for fluffy coat dogs and long-haired cats, etc.

The ergonomic-curved-surface design makes it easy access to difficult to reach areas, remove hair tangles and dead hair, keeping the hair beautiful and fluffy all the time.

Undercoat Breaker Brush

It is suitable for all dogs and cats that shed their hair seasonally,especially those with medium and long hairs that are easy to fall off.

The 15-tooth stainless steel U-shaped undercoat breaker is suitable for dogs and cats of different sizes.

When combing, it is easy to cut through mats and remove loose undercoat, so as to allow the skin to breathe smoothly, effectively preventing various skin diseases and keeping the hair healthy and fluffy.


Connect hair combing accessories to the vacuum cleaner. Keep it on or turn on the vacuum cleaner when needed.

Choose a suitable brush and gently groom your pet. Press down the hair-removing button on the brush to remove pets’ shedding hair and trapped dirt from the comb, then suck all the collected hair into the dust bucket of the vacuum cleaner.

Repeat brushing until achieving a satisfactory result.

We recommend that you use this kit to groom your pet regularly. It will significantly improve your pet’s fur condition,also can keep your home clean and tidy.