Shernbao Pet Grooming Professional Blade Coolant Spray


  • Color: white bottle
  • Capacity: 550ml
  • Weight: 437g
  • Blade coolant
  • Non-flammable and CFC free.


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Pet Grooming Professional Blade Coolant Spray

The seven-in-one maintenance solution is specially developed and designed by our company for the maintenance and cooling of the cutter head. As we all know, the long-term use of the cutter head will cause the temperature to rise. After spraying the coolant, it can quickly cool down; in addition, it can also sterilize the cutter head. Sterilize, avoid bacterial infection, and because of the composite design, it can prevent rust after spraying and prolong the life of the cutter head.



  1. Use the attached cleaning brush to remove the hair around the beauty tool
  2. Spray the coolant on the cutter head


  1. Kill germs, microbes, viruses
  2. Cleaning; lubrication; cooling; rust prevention; infection prevention
  3. Kills HIV and AIDS Viruses
  4. Spray once at the end of each work to keep the blade of your scissors effective and reduce virus infection among different pets.

Detailed specifications :

Color: white bottle

Capacity: 550ml

Weight: 437g

product features:


How to use:

Scissors maintenance:

Spray it before each shearing to prevent the scissors from being easily damaged due to the heat energy generated by friction during use, which will cause the blades to expand and be easily damaged. Effectively reduce friction, can clean, prevent rust and lubricate, and prolong the life of scissors.

Blade maintenance:

Quickly cool down and cool the cutter head, clean, prevent rust and lubricate, and the effect is super strong.

Suitable for all kinds of beauty scissors, is a powerful tool for professional beauty!


  1. Use maintenance liquid to cool, disinfect and sterilize:

First, clean the tool hair and stains, and then spray the cutter head maintenance liquid. The maintenance solution can not only cool and clean but also disinfect and sterilize to prevent cross-infection of skin diseases and other infectious diseases.

  1. Use of maintenance oil maintenance:

Electric pusher: Carefully disassemble the electric pusher head, and use a cleaning brush to remove hair stains on the body and cutter head. Put 3 drops of maintenance oil on the three parts between the fixed knife and the movable knife of the cutter head. It can be deeply rust-proof and lubricated, and the shear of the cutter head can be increased to prolong its life of the cutter head. It is recommended to soak the unused cutter head in maintenance oil;

Scissors, combs, etc.: Drop 2-3 drops of maintenance oil and wipe it.

Considerations when buying a pet shaver:

  1. Low noise

For small dogs, the noisy shaver will be vigilant as soon as it is turned on, and it is difficult to cooperate. It is best to find a shaver with less noise. Don’t shave immediately after turning it on. Put it next to the dog and let the dog get used to it slowly.

  1. Not stuck

If the cutter head is not fast enough, it is easy to get stuck around the dog’s hair, not only the dog will be very painful, but also the length of the hair will vary.

  1. Long battery life

The first shaver I bought was charged for five hours, and it could only shave once (small body teddy). It would stop working when I used it frequently, and it would not work while charging. It was very crushing.

  1. The cutter head is not easy to heat

The cutting head of the electric shears will heat up after a long time, but some are fast and some are slow. Try to buy clippers that are not easy to heat, so as not to burn the dog. If the blade is hot, wipe it with blade coolant or with a cool damp paper towel.