Shernbao Professional Dog Pet Grooming Combs

  • TSC187:Length of the comb: 18.7cm/(in)7.36″;Pin length: 29mm
  • TSC245:Length of the comb: 24.5cm/(in)9.64″;Pin length: 33.5mm
  • TSC104:Length of the comb: 18.4cm/(in)7.24″;Pin length: 19.5mm
  • Black/Red avaliable
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These combs feature an innovative titanium coating, which helps reduce static, improves durability and helps glide through the coat.

  • 1.26″ teeth length
  • Large Butter Combs is 9.7in long, 70/30 coarse/fine spacing
  • Medium Butter Combs is 7.4in long, 70/30 coarse/fine spacing
  • Tail Combs is 7.3in long

Why do dogs need a special grooming brush?


Many pet owners look forward to having their pets have a nice coat. If the owner grooms his pet regularly, he can be checked for skin diseases and treated promptly to eliminate them.


There are many different kinds of combs for pets, and they all have different functions and applications. When it comes to combing your pet’s hair, you need to pay attention to the method.


Different hair combs have different characteristics and different skills when combing. The main hair combs for dogs are the row comb and the bristle comb. The row comb has a wide range of applications and is a necessary comb for the home.


The distance between each tooth of the comb is different and is usually selected according to the thickness and length of the pet’s hair. Pets with thick and dense hair like those can use a wide tooth row comb to unclog, and then use a narrower distance or other combs to comb.


The bristle comb can reduce the friction between the comb and the hair, especially the pig bristle comb is selected from natural materials, when combing the hair, not only to reduce the appearance of static electricity, but also will not damage the skin ripped off the hair. Short-haired pets can use such a comb because it can reach the surface of the skin to clean the skin and dirt on the hair.


Row combs are more suitable for pets with long hair and are mainly pin combs and shedding combs. Needle combs are normally used for pulling or knotting. Because the teeth needles are denser, pay attention when buying, the needle tip can not be too sharp to avoid scratching the pet’s skin.


The main role of the shedding comb is to remove the dead hair and bottom lint that falls out of the pet. There is no harm to healthy hair, and it is more suitable for pets with double pairs of hair.


Needle combs are functional combs that include knot-clearing combs, flea combs, and massage combs. The knot-clearing comb is mainly used for those hairs that are already tangled. The teeth of the comb have a metal blade that can cut the knotted hairs directly, so be careful not to cut your pet’s skin when using it.


The teeth of the flea comb are very dense and rounded between the teeth. It can easily clean off parasites and dander from your pet’s body. And can be used to comb, eyebrows, or some details of the hair, after taking the dog out to play home can be cleaned in the pet’s hair stuck on the debris.


Massage combs have a massage function to promote the blood circulation of the pet’s skin and relieve its stress, so they are generally made of silicone or plastic.




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