Shernbao Professional Pet Grooming Hemostat

  • HT-01: Straight
  • HT-02: Curved
  • Overall length 14CM
  • High stainless steel.
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HT-01: Straight
HT-02: Curved


Pet Grooming Hemostat Forceps Straight Head


Overall length 14CM


Surgical hemostat forceps are used in the pet grooming industry, mainly to remove inner and outer ear hair, clip foreign bodies between teeth and parasites visible in vitro, or clip cotton (ear washing).


  • High stainless steel:

The hemostat locking forceps are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and durable. After locking the dog’s ear hair with the locking hemostat, lock and rotate it, then quickly pull the pliers to pull out the ear hair quickly and painlessly.

  • Locked position:

A high grip and locking ratchet mechanism reduces the likelihood of vessel or tissue collection slipping or shifting during use. The handle of the hemostat agent can be held in place by its locking mechanism. The locking mechanism consists of a series of 3 interlocking teeth that allow the user to adjust the clamping force of the pliers. Once locked in place, even the smallest objects can be held firmly with great force. Doglock plier’s serrated tips provide good grip, avoid pulling and provide precise hair removal. Hair can be plucked from the ears of most dogs and cats, and it’s ideal for grooming smaller parts of your pet.

  • Ergonomic Design:

Pet Grooming Hemostat with ergonomic handle design for a comfortable grip. It is easy to use whether you are a professional pet groomer or a novice. The safety buckle design on the handle of the pet ear/nose pliers can avoid potential safety hazards and facilitate your storage.

Instructions for use:

For the owner, it is a particularly annoying thing for the dog to grow ear hair in the ear canal. If it cannot be cleaned up in time, it will easily lead to various ear diseases such as ear odor and ear mites, and it will seriously cause the whole body to be infected by mites; the obvious state is constant ear scratching; Poodles, Shih Tzus, Yorkshire Terriers, Schnauzers, etc. have ear hair that needs to be removed weekly or even daily.


It is necessary to use hemostat forceps to remove the ear hair. The curved pointed design of the hemostat forceps can enter the ear canal well, and will not cause severe pain to the dog due to the large amount of ear hair being clamped at once. If you use ear hair powder at the same time as plucking, it will further reduce the dog’s pain and make the work easier and easier.


In addition, the pointed design of the hemostat forceps makes it easier to wipe the dog’s ears, which can easily penetrate the ear canal and clean the places that other tools cannot.


There are many products in various countries on the market, but it is necessary to pay attention to whether the meshing degree of the tooth slot is tight, and the principle is that it can clamp the fine hair in the ear. Hemostat forceps are divided into large, small, long, and short, as well as straight forceps and curved forceps. Small and curved forceps are mostly used in the pet industry.