Shernbao 5-in-1 blade attachment comb kit ACK-002

  • The attachment combs fit most 5-in-1 blade clippers
  • It’s compatible with Shernbao PGC-721 Clippers
  • 8 color code for easy identification, effortlessly glide through small, medium, and large-sized dogs and cat coats
  • A comb set storage box is included
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Effect of brushing


Brushing your dog’s coat is not only for keeping your dog neat, it is also very important for the management of your dog’s health. Removing dead hair and dirt from the body, not only helps the skin to breathe freely but also improves the metabolism. Also, by touching the whole body, abnormal or uncomfortable symptoms can be detected early. Therefore, it is recommended to develop the habit of brushing your dog’s teeth regularly. Don’t be afraid of trouble and lose the time to interact with each other.


Choose the brush that can indeed remove the lost hair


When it comes to dog hair remover, the representative product is the pin comb, which is suitable for all dog breeds and can be said to be an essential basic. Because it can comb to the root of the hair, it effectively removes dirt and clumps, making it easy to keep your dog fresh. However, it should be noted that when using the comb, the tip of the needle should stop before reaching the dog’s skin to avoid direct contact with the skin, and using the pen to scratch is the correct posture.


Gum brush: for fur kids who don’t like hard brushing


Gum brushes are suitable for short-haired breeds such as short-haired Chihuahuas, Shiba Inus, and French Bulldogs, and can be used as bathing brushes, and because they have a massage function, they can simultaneously make the brushing process a good interaction with the dog.


The glove-type rubber brush uses small protrusions on the palm instead of pins, and this gentle touch reduces skin irritation, making it especially suitable for children with fur who hate hard brushing. It can also be used for grooming small areas that are difficult to reach with normal brushes, such as the inside of the limbs, by stroking them, making it a brush that can be used in all corners of the body.


The brush handle is slightly longer than the hand when gripped.


If the handle of the brush is shorter than the palm of your hand, you may unconsciously bring too much force into the grip and make your dog feel uncomfortable, so the best size is the one with the handle slightly beyond the joint of your thumb and index finger. Please be sure to know the actual size of the product before you buy it, as the size labeling varies from product to product.


Ideal for easy cleaning


After grooming your dog, don’t forget to clean the brush itself so that the hair that remains on the teeth doesn’t affect future hygiene issues. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a brush that can be cleaned easily, for example, a product that can retract the teeth and expel the hair with the push of a button is an option.


Brushes, combs, and flat combs for the last step of grooming or hair cutting


In addition to using the above-mentioned hair removal brushes, you can also use a soft brush to smooth the surface after the cleaning action to make the hair fluffy and soft and bring out the shine. There are also round combs that are similar in structure to ordinary combs, with rounded pins that resemble large pins, which are particularly effective for combing out tangled hairs of long-haired breeds.


Finally, a flat comb is used to finalize the flow of hair, and the combing action is used to reconfirm whether there are any balls or tangles left. In addition, when shearing Yorkshire or Red Poodle breeds, the flat comb is one of the most important tools for standing up the hair and making it look fluffy, so there is no limit to its use.