Shernbao NEW Professional 5-in-1 Blade Clipper



  • 5 Speeds
  • 5 hours run time
  • Lower Noise
  • Ergonomic Lightweight Design
  • Stay-cooler
  • Smart LED Display
  • One Year Warranty
  • 1pc cordless clipper with 5-in-1 standard adjustble blade
  • 1pc USB charging cable
  • 1pc cleaning brush
  • 1pc blade oil
  • 1pc manual book
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Shernbao NEW Professional 5-in-1 Blade Clipper WITH USB
Ideal for all coat types.
SHERNBAO PGC-722 offers an ergonomic design and constant speed control to deliver more power.
The clipper has 5 speeds.
Lower than 60dB.
It can also be used for grooming the feet,
face and finish work on all dog breeds,cats,
and other pets.
5-in-1 Blade Clipper WITH USB
             Adjustable to sizes: #8, #9, #10, #15, #30.                               Adjustable to sizes: #9, #10, #15, #30, #40.
Trim higher sfficiency, ideal for full body clipping on small and medium size dogs & cat grooming, recommended for often need to be used with attachment combs. Safer for trimming of some pet body parts that sensitive or hard to get, like pads, paws, face, ears, etc. 
5-in-1 Blade Clipper WITH USB5-in-1 Blade Clipper WITH USB
    Work with 5-in-1 SHERNBAO and WAHL® stainless
    steel attachment guide comb set.
    (Please adjust the blade to the “30” or “40” position when using combs for better cutting efficiency.)
    *The use of WAHL® or other product names is for informational and comparison purposes only.
    there is no association between Shernbao and Wahl or their prsducts.