Shernbao Almighty Pet Grooming Clipper

  • Light weight: 204g (7.2oz).
  • Noise as low as 62dB, reduces pets anxiety.
  • Cord/cordless Universal USB charging use.
  • Run 4 hours after 3 hours quick charge.
  • Precision-machined blades designed for cutting pet hair.
  • Made of stainless steel Comb Blade and ceramic Shear Blade.
  • Hard and sharp, wear-resisting, safety, long lifespan.
  • Works with Shernbao blades.
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Shernbao Smart Digital Almighty Pet Grooming Clipper PGC-670

PGC-670 is an almighty pet clipper, especially can works with Shernbao 4-in-1 series blades.

It can complete the trimming of the whole body and parts of pets, which is suitable for the business use of groomers. It is also suitable for daily use by high-demand home users.



  • 5-Speed adjustable (5000-5500-6000-6500-7000 RPM)
  • Product keeps constant RPM according to set speed.
  • LED Digital displays rotation speed, time, charging progress and other functions.
  • High performance Li-ion battery (2000mAh), long lasting 4h run time (cordless) and 2h charge.
  • The blades get warm slowly and keep cool against the skin, even after constant usage.
  • Extended life motor.


Clipping Guide

Take the standard blade as an example, the blade lengths can be adjusted by 4 sizes, convenient for whole and partial trimming.

Blade Length Usage
1.9mm Suitable for an all-over groom to long-haired breeds, such as cocker spaniel’s head and back, Schnauzer’s front chest, back and outside of hind legs.
1.6mm Suitable for an all-over groom or partial trimming to all dog breeds, which can get close to the natural coat and not hurt the skin, such as the top of Schnauzer’s head, ears, and cocker spaniel’s ears.
1.3mm Suitable to trim all dog breed’s soles of the feet, lower abdomen, butt and modeling the poodle such as face, neck, paws, tail. etc.


Work with Shernbao 4-in-1 series blades

Titanium coating on ceramic shear blade and high carbon steel fixed blade. These blades are super hard & sharp and offer superior cutting performance.



Function and Handling Methods with Combs

The comb is used to trim hair to retain different lengths, each with a comb in the hair-cutting attachmentare designated length, such as (3mm, 6mm, 10mm).

ack-002 ʹ??.png

Go in the Right Direction

  1. Trim with the growth of the dog’s hair for a smooth, natural looking coat as the direction of the arrows shown.
  2. Always clean the residual hair around the comb attachments and the blades.

right direction.png

Safety Instructions

  1. The clipper is for hair cutting only. Do not use the clipper for anything else than its intended purpose.
  2. If the clipper falls into water or touches chemicals. Unplug and turn off it immediately, then dry and clean it.
  3. Never use the clipper when the original USB is damaged. Replace a new one timely.
  4. The battery inside the clipper can’t be deformed, disassembled or punctured. Otherwise, it may result in circuit shortage, then burn the clipper. Do not attempt to repair or disassemble by yourself. Send to an Authorized Service Center for repair.
  5. Children may swallow small accessories of the product and being hurt. Keep the product away from the child.
  6. The blade is structural part, do not disassemble the blade spring by yourself.
  7. Store the clipper at -10?? – 40?棨14?H- 104?H), otherwise may damage the battery.


1. Violent bumping or dropping can easily break the ceramic shear blade.
2. Please clean and oil the blade frequently to keep it sharp and less noisy.
3. If you have to groom for long time or groom a few pets, better to take a break to clean and oil the blade instead of      continuous use.
4. It will be easier to blunt the blade if groom dirty pets.
5. Replace a new blade if the blade is still blunt after cleaning and oiling.
6. Only use the original parts.

One Year Warranty

1. The trimmer is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the original date of purchase.
2. Warranty does not cover consumable parts like blades, USB charging cable, lubrication oil, brushes, etc.
3. Warranty does not cover abuse, damage from improper of maintenance, accidents, acts of war, acts of nature, transportation damages, etc.
4. For products beyond the warranty period, the seller may charge a certain maintenance fee.
5. Please ship PREPAID to Shenbao Company or the designated after-sales service supplier. Warranty does not cover shipping or transportation costs and any other indirect losses.
6. Due to the continuous upgrading of products, Shernbao reserves the right to variate and modify products without prior notice.