Shernbao Anionic Dog Pet Grooming Stand Dryer


Max power: 1800W          Motor power: 100w

Heat power: 1700W         Motor life: ≥5000hrs

Wind speed: 520MPM      Max airflow: 7.4cbm

Highest temp.: 60℃ max

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Shernbao PSD-920P Anionic Dog Pet Grooming Stand Dryer

The height can be adjusted with durable and flexible movements.
The horizontal direction can be rotated within 360°.
• Engineering plastic shells, light and durable.
• Variable stepless wind speed and temperature controls.
• Electronic switches without friction between components, very safe.
• Mica long life heating element with thermal overload cutout can prevent overheating.
• Hand adjustable swivel nozzle turns 360 deg; easy to position at any angle.
• Heavy duty 1/4HP motor and turbofan, precise, strong and durable.
• The brushless motor ensures longevity; over 5,000 hours.
• With our advanced technology, the noise is greatly reduced to 62 dB.
• Advanced tourmaline brushes generate anions, up to 6million/cm3, which aids in containing the internal cuticle moisture and helps tame the unruly hair and straighten the curly coats.


Finishing dryer dries hair with high heating power. The motor only provides air flow to accelerate the removal of volatile water vapor; Normal dryer is to disperse and blow away the moisture directly from the hair with strong wind, which is similar to the washing dryer; In addition to the disadvantages of loud noise and blow dried hair may be tangled, but the drying efficiency is the highest! However, the wind force of finishing dryer is gentle, the calorific value is large, and the wind speed and temperature can be adjusted accurately. While drying the hair, it can be properly combed and straightened to achieve the effect of fluffy and supple.

The finishing dryer is to straighten and fluffy the dog’s hair with the help of the higher temperature of the hair dryer and the continuous combing of the hair at the blown place with a needle comb. It’s the best choice for making dog modeling for all the groomers.