Shernbao BTS-132TE European Style Stainless Steel Dog Pet Grooming Bathing Tub

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  • Electric lifting bathing tub with an electric bass
  • Deluxe 1.2mm SUS304 stainless steel, which is one of the thickest in the industry
  • Big dogs and older dogs can easily walk in and out
  • Smart splash guard design on back and side prevents spray from splashing
  • Small breeds are accessible by raising the tub or using the included puppy booster
  • Tubs also come with a stainless steel filter, a flexible drain hose and a booster
  • Faucet and water sprayer are optional
  • Dimension(L x W xH) : 50”* 28”* 45”
  • Go as low as 10”

The skin is the largest organ in the mammalian body, and its main function is protection, and in the wild dogs (and other species) will naturally bathe in water, mud, or dust, depending on opportunity, and their senses.


With the improvement of life now, our cute little pets also have their bathing pools.


Product features of stainless steel bath pool:


Made of all stainless steel, the whole is made of 1.2mm304 stainless steel, equipped with an electric lift switch for automatic adjustment, and equipped with a multi-functional high-pressure flushing faucet. This sink is especially suitable for pet grooming shops of all sizes to bathe pets.


Material description:


The overall 304 stainless steel material, is anti-corrosion, acid-proof and rust-proof, high-pressure flushing, leak-proof, and anti-blocking, and never rusts.


Stainless steel bathtubs are widely used in pet stores, so what are the benefits of dogs going to pet stores to bathe?


??You can eat snacks


Dogs are very greedy. As long as they have food, they will cooperate with them. Generally, beauty salons will prepare some dog snacks. When cleaning and nursing the dogs, as long as the dogs do not cooperate, as long as they are given a little food, the dogs will eat. Will be willing to cooperate, so if you help the dog bathe at home, if the dog does not cooperate, the owner can also give the dog a small snack.


??Care is cleaner


Most owners choose to take their dogs to the beauty salon for a bath because the beauty salon has more tools and more comprehensive care. For example, they do not help the dog to repair the nails or do not want to squeeze the dog’s anal glands. There are professionals, the tools are complete, and the dog care is cleaner.


??You can check the dog’s body


When you go to a pet store for a professional groomer to clean and take care of the dog, not only is the technique more professional, but they can also check if there is anything wrong with the dog when they are in contact with the dog, such as whether there is any skin disease or trauma. , maybe the owner may not notice when he bathes the dog.


??More beautiful


Trimming is indispensable for some breeds of dogs. Even if the owner will bathe the dog, he will not trim their hair, just like why we humans need Mr. Tony. The complex work of hair knotting also requires professional beauticians to solve. With a professional, this dog won’t think it’s a rough experience.


What should I pay attention to when bathing a dog?


??Dogs cannot wash when they are sick


Dogs are not suitable for bathing when they are sick, and their constitutions are relatively weak, which can easily lead to hypotension and shock. So be sure to check your dog’s physical condition before bathing your dog.


??Use special toiletries


The body structure of dogs is different from that of humans. If you use human body shampoo for dogs, it will destroy the protective layer of the dog’s skin and cause the dog to get skin diseases. Therefore, a special dog bath should be used to bathe the dog. supplies.


??Dry in time after bathing the dog


After bathing the dog, the owner should help the dog dry in time, especially the puppies. Whether it is winter or summer, they should dry the dog with a towel or dry it with a hair dryer in time, otherwise, the dog will be very easy to dry. If you catch a cold, you will get sick.