Shernbao Candy Series Cord-cordless Pet Clipper ONLY WITH USB

  • Cord/Cordless
  • With standard blade 1.0 mm
  • Optional Ultra-thin blade 0.25 mm
  • Available in 3 cute colors: Royal blue/Pink/Sky blue show as above pic.
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Shernbao Dog Pet Grooming Cute Candy Clipper
A suitable pet clipper is a good start for beginners. And Professional pet clippers are strongly practical for pet groomers.
The Candy Clippers from Shernbao are perfect for students, pet owners, breeders or as a back up in a salon. These clippers feature low noise and low vibration. Perfect for more nervous pets. Features a lithium-ion battery with over three hours run time and recharges from empty in three hours. The materials in these motors mean they will last longer than other semi-professional clippers on the market – do not confuse these with cheaper imitations! The 1mm titanium alloy blade with ceramic cutter will run cooler and longer. Comes with three attachments combs in sizes 1/8″, 1/4″ and 1/2″ approx.

3 attachment combs and standard 1mm blade included (Thin blade sold separately)

  • Titanium alloy coated comb blade plus ceramic shear blade, deliver super hardness, and sharpness.
  • Special “R” design ensures a smooth, quick and safe haircut.
  • Extended motor life made of premium materials that last longer than traditional motors.
  • Special Stainless-steel design positioning comb trims more smoothly.
  • High performance Li-ion battery, delivers a 3 hour run with a 3 hour charge.
  • Low noise and low vibration.
Customized For You
At the same time, all kinds of customization are acceptable. “You come up with a design plan, and we will help you produce it in large quantities.” According to your preferences, you can design the color, logo and packages etc. But the OEM customized models must reach our minimum order quantity as required. We will also try our best to meet your requirements and standards.
As long as it is what you want, it may be what we can do.
Using and Maintenancing of Pet Clippers – Thorough maintenance can keep your clippers always in good conditions
1. The correct using posture of pet clippers and correct trimming sequence must be used when trimming the pet’s hair. So that playing a protective role for the pet clippers. After using, please remove the blade and clean it with a brush, and then put in a little professional lubricating oil between the blades for simple maintenance.
2. Correct maintenance of blades is also important for pet clippers. Select suitable blades. And different blades shall be selected for trimming different parts. Fine teeth blades are suitable for trimming the head, lower abdomen, sole and around the anus. Wide teeth blades are suitable for long haired dogs, large dogs and the whole body trimming of cats. Of course, it will be best to simply clean it in time after using. Overheating of the blades should be also avoided in using.