Shernbao High Velocity Professional Pet Grooming Force Hair Blower


  • Power: 1200W
  • Temperature: 55°F to 118°F
  • Speed: 515FPM-44000FPM
  • Color: purple


  • 1pc 4 ft to 8 ft flexible hose
  • 1pc Wall mount kit
  • 1set 3 different nozzles
  • 1pc air filter
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Shernbao High Velocity Professional Pet Grooming Force Hair Blower

  • Innovation and Revolution Improved aerodynamics, reduced volume and weight by half,our dryer improve efficiency by over 60%, saving your precious time, especially when grooming large dogs.
  • Temperature 2 temperature settings, the unique temperature settings from 55°F to 104°F. The stable air flow will help dry faster with less damage.
  • Adjustable Speed The adjustable speed dial from 515FPM-44000FPM makes it great for controlling noise levels especially when grooming sensitive dogs.
  • Perfect Industrial Design Insulated ABS integrated molding Casing to insulate the heat, Motor Circuit Isolation to reduce the failure rate.?? Ergonomic handle easy to operate .?? Small size easy to carry, and easy to store.
  • Quiet & Durable Home users’ first choice!
  • Accessories Includes 4 ft to 8 ft flexible hose, Wall mount kit??3 different nozzles and air filters.

After we wash our hair, we usually blow-dry our hair with a blow dryer, otherwise it will be uncomfortable for the hair to get wet and stick to the body. Similarly, pet babies will feel uncomfortable after taking a bath, so more and more people choose to use hair dryers to dry their pets’ hair. Below we will introduce the use and maintenance of pet hair dryers.