Shernbao Dog Pet Grooming Stool GC-001S

  • Colour is black.
  • Backrest is included.
  • Air-lifting pump lift the stool from 51.5-62cm
  • Seat is 38cm(Wide)*34cm(Deep)
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·Ergonomic saddle chair, relieve the stress on the back and spine caused by sitting for long periods.
·A much more comfortable and ergonomic design than most work stools and chairs.
·Constructed from durable faux leather fabric, chrome plated metal base, and smooth rolling casters.

The appearance of swivel chair casters has greatly improved people’s work efficiency, not only can be easily transported, but also can be moved in any direction. As an indispensable part of office chairs, swivel chair casters are dazzled by the wide variety of caster products on the market. Today we will take you to know about four types of swivel chair casters made of different materials.


What materials are the pet stool casters made of?


Nylon casters


Not only does has good heat resistance, cold resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics, but also has a relatively light weight, low noise coefficient during use, and is widely used in office environments.


Polyurethane casters


Polyurethane has better abrasion resistance and stain resistance. The friction coefficient of polyurethane on the ground is relatively small, so the noise coefficient is low during use, and it has become the first choice for many environmental protection industries.


Plastic casters


Due to the low cost of artificial rubber and the processing of special plastic materials, it inherits the elasticity of rubber casters, and can be used normally in extreme conditions such as water resistance, strong cold resistance, and high temperature resistance, so it is also a widely used caster. , with high industry prospects.


Rubber casters


As one of the more frequently used rubbers, due to the special material of rubber, it is elastic, has good skid resistance, has a relatively high friction coefficient with the ground, has strong load-bearing capacity, is quite stable, and is widely used.


How to maintain pet stool casters?


During the use of casters, the use of its overall operating structure is crucial to the impact of the pet stool. In particular, the stability of the caster brackets and fasteners directly affects the use of the casters. Therefore, the casters should be regularly maintained and maintained. necessary.


So what should we do if the bracket stabilizer of the pet stool caster is not stable?


First, re-fix the loose screws and nuts with pliers, check whether the bracket is bent or deformed, and repair or replace it with professional tools if there is any abnormality. firm etc.


How to choose pet stool casters?


Diameter of casters


Generally, the larger the diameter of the caster, the easier it is to push, and the greater the load capacity, in addition to protecting the ground from damage.

The selection of the diameter should first consider the weight of the load and the starting thrust of the truck under the load.


Flexibility of casters


Under normal circumstances, the larger the rotation of the single wheel, the more labor-saving it is. The ball bearing can carry heavier loads, and the resistance is larger during rotation. The single wheel is installed with high-quality ball bearings, which can carry heavier loads and rotate more lightly and flexibly. 


Material of casters


First of all, it is necessary to consider the size of the road surface, obstacles, the environmental conditions (such as high temperature, normal temperature or low temperature) of residual substances (such as iron filings, grease) on the use site, and the weight that the casters can carry to determine the choice of suitable casters. material.