Shernbao GC-001SW Dog Pet Grooming Stool with Hair Proof Casters


  • The color is black.
  • With high-quality hair-proof wheels.
  • Lifting ranges from 51.5-62cm.
  • The backrest is included.
  • Seat is 38cm(Wide) * 34cm(Deep)


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·Ergonomic saddle chair, relieves the stress on the back and spine caused by sitting for long periods.
·A much more comfortable and ergonomic design than most work stools and chairs.
·Constructed from durable faux leather fabric, chrome-plated metal base, and smooth-rolling casters.

Pet grooming became popular in France in the 18th century. Facing the colorful life in the palace, it was deeply loved by noble ladies. In Louis XVI, the poodle was designated as the national dog, and human beings began to breed them carefully. A small poodle was born soon after, but it also weighed nine kilograms at the time.

The poodle not only represents the image of the dog, but also the beauty and elegance produced by the styling, like the charm of a doll, which has won the love of many people and aroused interest in raising them. This is the origin of pet grooming. Grooming can keep your dog clean and hygienic and keep your dog healthy.

During grooming, the groomer will check whether the pet’s coat has fallen off a lot, whether there is a skin disease, redness, or sores, whether the pet is malnourished, whether the dog’s ears and eyes are inflamed, and whether toenails have grown into the flesh and whether the anus is inflamed, etc.

In addition, what are the benefits of pet grooming?

  1. Keep pets clean and tidy

Pets are different from us, their body surface is different from the human body surface. Your pet is covered in fur, which makes it easy to get dirty and dusty, especially long-haired pets, so regular care is very necessary.

  1. Beauty care can keep pets away from bacteria and prevent illness

Some people think that beauty is unnecessary. But to be honest, pet beauty salons have done a good job of caring for pets, not only in terms of grooming, grooming, cleaning, etc., but also more carefully checking the pet’s physical condition, through the details can prevent the pet’s possible diseases.

  1. Grooming your pets can keep you and your family healthy

Anyone who has pets at home knows that we deal with pets every day, and we believe that the owners have done a lot of kissing and hugging. If pets are not clean, the bacteria on them can affect the health of you and your family.

  1. Grooming can prevent pets from scratching

Cat owners know that it is a hidden danger if the cat’s nails are long and not cut. It will damage your sofa furniture from time to time, and even worse, it may hurt yourself or your family if you are not careful.

  1. Grooming can cool down pets

Some pets have too long hair, and trimming and shaving your pets can help them spend the summer happily. Grooming at a pet store can also make your pet more beautiful.


In short, pet grooming can enhance the health of pets. In addition to health reasons, pet grooming is also a fashion trend. Grooming techniques combined with trimming techniques can reveal the advantages for your pets. You can also make different shapes for your pets according to your hobbies and regions to make your baby more beautiful. It’s easy to care for and highlights its lovely side. Your pet will feel more confident and likable because of its appearance.

Of course, during this process, using Shernbao Dog Pet Grooming Stool with Hair Proof Casters can make us more convenient, just have a try!