Shernbao NEW SS Detachable Pet Clipper blades, A5 Style Blades

Cutting length:
#50         0.2mm
#40         0.25mm
#30         0.5mm
#15          1.0mm
#10          1.5mm
#9           2.0mm
#7F          3.2mm
#5F          6.3mm
#4F          9.5mm
#3 3/4F     13mm
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Shernbao New Stainless Steel A5 Style Pet Blades


Comb blade: 440C stainless steel

Shear blade: Titanium-coating ceramic



Hard and very sharp

Super smooth cutting


New Features:

Stainless, wear ability and durability

Warming slowly than the traditional process

Lower noise than the traditional process


Made of Titanium Coating Ceramic & Stainless Steel to cut precisely and cleanly for superior results.

These blades adopt the latest technology of powder metallurgy and ceramic sintering process

Hard and very sharp with super smooth cutting, lasting performance, durability and stainless

Warming slowly than the traditional process and lower noise than the traditional process.

Ceramic Blades last longer than any other A5 type blade. They run cooler and & needs less maintenance. You don’t need sharpened a lot often.

You can now order a complete blade, or just a replacement cutter for your blade.

Compatible with Most A5 type professional dog clippers like Andis, Oster, and Wahl A5 Clippers


Fit all standard type A5 detachable blade clippers of the following brands and models.

Aesculap® Durati, FAV5, FAV5 CL
Heiniger® OPAL, SAPHIR
Oster® Golden a5, Turbo A5, A6, Power Max, PowerPro Ultra, Por 3000i, Volt
Wahl® KM2, KM5, KM10, KM Cordless, Thick Coat Clipper, Stable Pro Plus, SS-Pro, Power Grip, and XBlock.

Note: We still recommend you to check the specifications of your clippers before your purchase.


Although we have an extensive range of clipper blades, it should still be easy to work out what you need. Check out our handy table below for information on each blade size. Remember we are here to help, so if you are stuck on which blade to buy, write us a mail to and we will be happy to assist.


Additional Accessories: ACK-001

Shernbao Attachment Guide Comb Set for A5 style Detachable Blade 

The attachment combs fit all type A5 detachable blades (sizes 10, 15, and 30).

These attachment combs are designed to fit over standard A5 detachable blades and come in sizes that address the most common grooming needs.

Also compatible with most Oster, Wahl and Andis detachable-style clippers.


Made from hardened stainless-steel for durability, snug, secure fit.

Snag-free smooth tips, safer than the other comb.

Color-coding combs provides a quick visual reference.

The bonus storage stand and lid makes the comb selection a “snap”.

8 cutting lengths from 3mm – 25mm cut.



Red                  3mm (1/8′)      cut length

Dark Purple     6mm (1/4′)      cut length

Dark Blue        10mm (3/8′)     cut length

Peach              13mm (1/2′)     cut length

Yellow             16mm  (5/8′)    cut length

Light Purple    19mm  (3/4′)    cut length

Light Blue        25mm  (1′)       cut length

Green              22mm (7/8′)     cut length

8 Color coded for easy identification, effortlessly glide through small, medium, and large-sized dogs and cat coats.

ACK-001 KITT.jpg

What You Get: Set of 8 stainless steel guide combs for pet grooming and a storage box .

ACK-001 KIT.jpg

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