Shernbao GC-001 Pet Grooming Stool With black plastic wheels

  • Stable metal base coated with polished chrome, fixed with smooth rolling casters.
  • Seat is 38cm (Wide) x 34cm (Deep)
  • Air lift mechanism raises the stool from 51.5cm to 62cm.
  • Optional backrest available.
  • Colour is black.
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·Ergonomic saddle chair, relieve the stress on back and spine caused by sitting for long periods.
·A much more comfortable and ergonomic design than most work stools and chairs.
·Constructed from durable faux leather fabric, chrome plated metal base and smooth rolling casters.

Casters can be divided into PU casters, TPR casters, PP casters, PA casters, PE casters, etc. according to the material. Different materials determine the different characteristics of casters and are also suitable for different occasions.


PA casters

PA wheel is a nylon wheel, which refers to a plastic made of polyamide resin.

Advantages of PA Casters

  • High mechanical properties, good toughness, high tensile and compressive strength;
  • The ability to absorb shock and stress vibration is strong, and the impact strength is higher than that of ordinary plastics;
  • High softening point, heat resistance, can be used for a long time at 150 ??, high temperature nylon wheel reinforced by glass fiber, its thermal deformation temperature can reach above 250 ??;
  • Smooth surface, small friction coefficient, wear-resistant;
  • Corrosion resistance, very resistant to alkali and most salt solutions, weak acid, engine oil, gasoline, but not strong acid and oxidant;
  • It is self-extinguishing, non-toxic, odorless, has good weather resistance, is inert to biological erosion, and has good antibacterial and mildew resistance.

Use environment

Widely used in factory handling, warehousing and logistics, equipment manufacturing and other industries, the operating temperature range is between -35~100 °C, and the high temperature nylon wheel can be used in a high temperature environment of 250 °C.

PP casters

PP plastic, chemical name polypropylene, has the best heat resistance, its deformation temperature is between 80-100 ° C, and it also has a high bending fatigue life, commonly known as “Bai Zhe glue”.

Advantages of PP casters

  • Wear-resistant: PP casters are rigid and tough, anti-fatigue, anti-stress cracking and other characteristics, and their performance is not affected by the humidity environment
  • Corrosion resistance: PP casters are resistant to oil, acid and alkali, and common organic solvents such as acid and alkali have little effect on it.
  • Environmental protection: PP is non-toxic and tasteless, belongs to environmental protection materials, and can be recycled.
  • Cheap: The price is relatively cheap.

Use environment

PP casters are widely used in factory handling, warehousing and logistics, equipment manufacturing and other industries, and the use range is between -15~80??.

PU casters

PU, commonly known as superior glue, spring glue, and PU, is an elastic body between plastic and rubber, and its excellent comprehensive performance is not available in ordinary plastic and rubber.

Advantages of PU Casters

  • The elastomer of the PU wheel has good properties such as wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, low pressure resistance, tear resistance, radiation resistance, high load bearing and shock absorption.
  • The PU wheel has excellent sound-absorbing properties, and the wheel does not generate noise during movement, which can achieve a mute effect.

Use environment

PU casters are widely used in medical industry, food processing industry, office, factory handling, warehousing and logistics, machinery manufacturing, etc. The operating temperature range is between -35 and 80 °C.

ER casters

ER (natural rubber) is rubber obtained from natural rubber-producing plants. In the range of 0-100??, the resilience of natural rubber can reach more than 50%-85%, and it is a high elastic body at room temperature.

Advantages of ER Casters

  • High rebound, good shock absorption effect and low noise, which is conducive to crossing the resonance area and attenuating high-frequency vibration and noise.
  • Wear resistance, aging resistance, radiation resistance, low temperature resistance.
  • Hardness can be controlled by adjusting the combination of rubber formulations.