Shernbao Pet Grooming Tool Caddy TS-001

  • Store & transport equipment
  • Fits grooming arms and frames up to 1 inch thick
  • Strong, durable plastic
  • Black,Pink,Blue is available
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TS-001 Shernbao Dog Pet Grooming Tool Caddy

Make your table a more efficient and organized area with this Table Organizer! Featuring a compartment to store clippers, and tools and seven spaces to securely store scissors to stop them from getting knocked off the tables as well as two larger holes for brushes. Made from strong, durable plastic which will hold its looks for years, whilst being easy to clean and maintain. An essential piece for every groomer to keep your tools close at hand!

  • Store & transport equipment
  • Fits grooming arms and frames up to 1 inch thick
  • Strong, durable plastic

After the popularity of pet grooming, the demand for its various required tools has greatly increased. As a new product, the pet grooming tool rack is very popular in pet stores. So, what functions does it have? The following tools are available.


Needle comb


Different from the universal comb, this type of needle comb has a higher density and a finer comb, which is specially used for the fluffy hair of racing dogs. It is suitable for the period when the dog is shedding, because the newly grown hair is still quite soft at this time. If you use the metal comb of the universal comb, although the dead hair can be shed as soon as possible, it is also easy to take down a lot of new hair at the same time. , damage the hair roots. Grooming with this gentler brush will result in healthier new coat growth in your racing dog.


Curved scissors


Curved scissors are also a special kind of scissors, which are used for the design of poodles, because the tail of these dog breeds should be cut into a circle, so the hair should be curved when trimming. Ordinary scissors are difficult to do, but the construction of curved scissors can come in handy at this time.


The edge of the curved shear is also quite sharp, and the density requirement is higher than that of the straight shear, because it handles the trimming of the most detailed parts.


Nail clippers


Of course, it is used for nail trimming pets. Just like people, the nails of animals are too long. On the one hand, they are easily infected with bacteria, because long-term walking will bring some dirty things into the nails, and pets have the habit of licking their nails, which will cause the Consequences of disease entering through the mouth. On the other hand, cats and dogs with long nails can also force them to grind on their own, potentially causing damage to valuables in the home.


The head of this kind of nail scissor is short but very sharp, and there are different sizes, which are divided into cat scissors and dog scissors.


Row comb


Combing the puppy’s hair is the duty of every owner. Especially for racing dogs, pay special attention to whether their hair is neat before the competition. Sometimes your dog’s hair is messed up, they will use their tongues to lick it neatly, and they are also prone to diseases, so help them groom them regularly.


The comb handle specially designed for pets is particularly long, because it is specially designed for those long-haired dogs. When using the comb horizontally, you can easily comb the pet’s hair. The handle of this comb is made of metal and is very strong.


Knotted comb


The comb is specially designed for those long-haired dogs, but some unhygienic puppies often run around outside. Their hair is also contaminated with excessive dust, and it is easy to tie knots. Such dead knots are not common. The comb can be combed open.


At this time, you can use this kind of open-knot comb. Don’t look at its shape like a harpoon, but its comb is much sharper. When using it, the owner only needs to put the comb into the dead knot, and the serrated comb can immediately be used. Cut the interface. And to avoid accidentally hurting pets when using, the quick opening of the knotted comb is designed on the inside, so that it cannot touch the pet’s skin.