Shernbao PNG-008S New Pet Grooming Nail Grinder

  • Safe and efficient high-speed nail grinder.
  • 2 adjustable speeds and 3 grinding ports.
  • Comfortable and portable.
  • Quiet and durable.
  • Fast charging and LED display.
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The product was upgraded in 2020 with the newly developed high-speed motor and advanced diamond grinding wheel which is the first choice for professional groomers and home users to provide you the safest, fast and comfortable usage experience.
The dog nail grinder designed with high&low speeds and 3 grinding ports, suitable for all pet breeds.
The product made by TRP environmentally friendly rubber, with the ergonomic handle for easier operating and the small size makes it easier to carry and place.
The brand new motor and exquisite design bring a quieter and more comfortable usage experience. The noise levels below 46dB can ease pets and keep them calm which can help to grind pet’s nail easier.
Incredible fast charging technology, large-capacity battery and LCD operating status displays. The fully charged time is 1.5 hours and the using time is 4-5 hours at a time. It’s also can be used while charging.
Product Structure Introduction
Two speed ??Normal?? ??Turbo?? optional (double click switch to change the speed)
Charge Operating Instruction
1.    Please plug the connection line in the grinder slot
2.    Confirm the on/off switch is at the position of “OFF” and then plug the charger in the outlet.
3.    Plug the charger into socket, make it in charge.
(The grinder charging time is 1 hour, and it can be used continuously for more than 3 hours.)
Light On: “Speeding-Up” light blinks
“Normal Speed”light off
Nail Grinder Charging: Indicator light off
The best temperature for charge: 5??- 40??( 41F° – 104F° )??
Charger: input AC 100-240v 50/60Hz, output 3.5V 1000mA
Nail Grinder Operating Instruction
Choose suitable port for your pet.
??A?? Port( suitable for small pet)
??B??Port( suitable for medium&large pet)
??C?? Port (suitable for quick grind nail)
Use your thumb and index finger to hold your pet paw, and touch the
grinder slightly to start to grind the nail. Each time don’t exceed 5 seconds.
If this is the first time your pet grind the nail, you’d better just grind the longest or only the top of its nail, do not grind too much in order to let your pet adapt the grinder each time.
Please clean the grinding wheel if the grinder work not good.
Optional Parts??
Nail Grinder Maintenance Instruction
Grinding Wheel Disassembly And Installation Method
Disassembly??Forcefully pull out,then grinding wheel is detachable(Show in the figure)
Installation??Hexagon on grinder stone is aligned with the mounting hole of grinder, and push inward to the end,and grinder wheel can be installed without loosing.(show in the figure)
Cleaning Method
1. Gently rotate protective cap and take it off.
2. Turn on the host power, keep the grinder working preperly.
3. Apply rubber or duster to the operating surface of grinder and remove the nail power
4. Use a brush to remove other dirt around the housing.
Assemble method in case of lose
Protective cap slot match with the bottom slot, turn clockwise slightly. (notice: Do not overexert to turn the protective cap to avoid damage)
1. Do not disassemble the product randomly.
2. Do not wash the product by water or put it in the moist place.
3. Do not use other fluid to clean the grinding wheel and housing, except wet cloth or neutral liquid soap.
4. The product will be hot when you use or charge it, please take it as normal.