Shernbao Professional Pet Grooming Ear Powder


  • Promotes relief from itching and helps grip hair in the ear canal. For easy removal.
  • Shernbao brand.
  • Weight:30g.
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Promotes relief from itching and helps grip hair in the ear canal. For easy removal.

What does dog ear powder do?

We all know that dogs’ ears are very important to dogs because their hearing function is also very powerful, so the problem of dogs’ ears is also something we cannot ignore. We all know that there is a special Ear powder for dogs, but many people don’t know what ear powder is or what it does, so let’s take a look today!

It is very important to clean the ears of dogs, and they often have earwax in their ears. Some dogs with large ears are very difficult to clean, so our ear powder will come in handy at this time. If you use it on dogs, it is usually used when they are plucking.

The role of ear powder is mainly used for plucking dogs. The cooling effect of ear powder can help them relieve pain. It will be easier to pluck their hair. Ear powder can also make ears The hair inside is drier, and we are also very comfortable when plucking, which is still very convenient.

However, it is also necessary to pay attention when using it. We need to put the small bottle of ear powder into the dog’s ear because ear powder is a very fine powder, so cover their ears and gently cover them when they are finished. Knead a few times to prevent them from shaking their heads and throwing the powder out, which will make us fall short. After kneading, we can help them pull out the hair in their ears.

What is the difference between ear powder and ear oil?

Strictly speaking, ear cleaning powder and ear drops have the same effect, cleaning the ear canal of pet dogs. The role of ear drops or ear cleaning powder is to keep the dog’s ears clean, and at the same time, it has the effects of sterilization, removal of mites, and deodorization. It is worth noting when you use it normally, do not blindly mix these two ear cleaning products, you can use ear cleaning powder or ear drops alone. If the dog has secreted purplish red dirt, and there are mites in the ear canal, please send it to the hospital for cleaning and treatment in time.

How do properly help dogs pluck their ears?

If it is the first time to pluck a dog’s ear hair, it is not recommended to do it yourself. It is best to leave it to a professional to avoid hurting the dog. After you are familiar with the process, you can use the hemostatic forceps to pluck the dog’s ears, or it can be difficult to operate by hand.

When plucking the dog’s ears, you must pay attention to controlling the dog, because there may be pain during the plucking process, preventing the dog from struggling and moving. It is recommended to use it with ear powder. Ear powder has the effect of relieving pain, but it is best not to use too much. Finally, after plucking the ear hair, you need to clean the ear powder in the ear.

Finally, I want to remind everyone that dogs do not need to pluck their ears once, but need to be cleaned regularly. In addition, don’t think that plucking ear hair feels too rough, but in fact, this is a more effective method for dogs with a lot of ear hair, but you must pay attention to the operation method so as not to accidentally hurt the dog.