Shernbao TSB-101/TSB-102 Dog Pet Grooming Brushes


  • TSB-101 pad size 6.3”x4.7”;
  • TSB-102 pad size 5.9”x3.5”
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Top quality slicker brush for medium to large breeds. Stainless steel pins on a wooden handle, which is ergonomically designed. The soft pad causes less damage to the skin and helps to preserve coat.

TSB-101 pad size 6.3”x4.7”;

TSB-102 pad size 5.9”x3.5”


The role of pet grooming brushes

The grooming and brushing of the dog’s coat must not be taken lightly, otherwise, it will not only affect the appearance, but also easily injure the dog. If you don’t take care of your hair, it is easy to suffer from skin diseases. You must know that dogs are only animals that are prone to skin diseases.

Therefore, their hair must be combed and brushed regularly. Use a brush for hair brushing, including brushing off dead hair and knots on the whole body, but different brushes should be used according to various hair qualities. break their fur.

Pet Grooming Brush Features:

  • The new dual-flex design follows the natural curve of the pet’s head and body, allowing the best combing effect;
  • This hand-held multi-purpose brush has a comb brush on one side and a bristle brush on the other side;
  • The ergonomic handle allows you to use it comfortably and at ease;
  • Anti-microbial plastic that helps reduce bacterial growth.

How to use a pet grooming brush??

When using either brush, brush in small sections in the direction of hair growth, starting at the beginning and ending at the end. Pay special attention to areas where the hair tends to get tangled, such as behind the ears and under the legs.

There are two types of bristle brushes: horse bristle brush (brown) and pig bristle brush (black). The former is suitable for medium soft-haired dogs such as Ferris and Yorkshire, while the latter is suitable for soft-haired dogs such as Shih Tzu and Pekingese. . If the knots are serious, you can use a detangling knife and a bottom hair rake to help clear the knots, but the disadvantage is that the amount of hair loss is large, and the hair will be incomplete. , beauty powder and other products, help to remove the dirt, so that the hair damage is greatly reduced.

After choosing the correct comb, it is necessary to take the correct posture seriously. Due to the inappropriate way of holding the comb, the work of combing and brushing cannot be fully completed, and the dog may be hurt due to excessive force.

Types of Pet Grooming Brushes

In fact, different from the division of labor of pet grooming combs, the main function of pet hair brushes is not only to quickly comb the coat, but also to promote hair metabolism and increase surface gloss. For long-haired dogs, pet brushes can be used for quick daily grooming and maintenance; for short-haired dogs, pet brushes can be used for skin massage.

According to the shape classification can be divided into: round, square, oval, with handle, without handle, etc., according to the material can be divided into:

Metal needle type: The hemispherical rubber plate is filled with air, and the needle tip can be stretched and retracted freely when combing. It is a must for pet groomers, especially when combing the coat of dogs that need regular hair care, and when blow drying and breaking up the hair.

Animal hair type: Skin massage for short-haired dogs, suitable for long-haired dogs when oiled, with excellent flexibility and no damage to the hair.

Nylon hair type: The use is the same as the animal hair type, and the price is low. Unfortunately, it will generate static electricity and cause hair tangles, but it is suitable for showering.

Rubber grain type: Use or short-haired dog to remove dead hair in the shower.

Glove type: For removing the undercoat and brightening the coat (outer hair).

A good brush needs to meet the following conditions: The metal needle should have elasticity, moderate tightness, and it is not easy to shrink the needle (the bottom of the needle passing through the rubber needs to be attached with a shrink-proof cloth), the needle tip should be rounded, and the handle should be made of wood. Well, the material of animal hair type is bristle (hardness and elasticity are excellent) as well.