Shernbao Tsunami Dryer-The Most Powerful Single Motor Dog Pet Grooming Force Dryer


Max power: 2800W       Motor power: 2200W

Heat power: 600W        Blow force: 920g

Max speed: 95m/s        Max airflow: 7cbm

Highest Temp.: 48℃      Noise: 82dB

N.W.: 5.2kg                    G.W.: 5.8kg

Color: Black/Customized color.

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Shernbao SHD-2800P/2200P Tsunami Dryer-The Most Powerful Single Motor Dog Pet Grooming Force Dryer


Based on the former “Monster” model, the single motor is this dryer outperforms most dual motor dryers. The motor is a 2200 watt delivering high-velocity output. Its wind velocity and blow force have to be experienced to be believed.

  • The improved inner structure and airflow mode allows for a super blast and a large airflow volume
  • Designed with safety and durability in mind; Max Temperature 46°C; Blow Force 920g; Max speed 66000FPM; Max Airflow 250CFM; Noise 82dB
  • With 600w heater makes drying process faster
  • Redesigned external appearance, with an elegant polished surface
  • It is great for business use like grooming salon or breeder, also great for professional grooming competition.
  • Designed with the groomer and breeder, in mind
  • Great for the professional that loves to show and compete
  • It is ideal for all seasons, especially colder climates
  • Come with three nozzles, a hose and a handle
Customized For You!
Meanwhile all kinds of customization are acceptable. The OEM customized models must reach our minimum order quantity as required.  “You come up with a design plan, and we will help you produce it in big quantities.”
According to your preferences, you can design the color, logo and packages etc. We will also try our best to reach your requirements and standards.
As long as it is what you want, it may be what we can do for you.
Correct Use and Maintenance of Pet Dryers
1. Often clean the filter screen at the back of the machine is necessary. Dry it after cleaning, and check whether it is installed in place before use.
2. Keep the machine body clean and clean the surface dust with a common rag after daily using.
3. After the carbon brush of the dryer is used up, replace the carbon brush in strict accordance with the instructions in the product manual. Because the carbon brush is a consumable item and has a service life. It needs to be replaced from time to time.
The specific duration of using can be consulted with professionals.
4. In addition, it should be noted that with the increase of working time, the wind blown by the dryer will gradually become hot. After a certain period of time, it may be a little hot for pets, so it’s best not to keep the dryer working. After working for a period of time, stop for a period of time and let it cool down. This is also a maintenance measure for pet dryer.