Shernbao Ultra-Light Pet Grooming Competition Aluminum Folding Table (FT-821)


N.W.: 4.2kgs

G.W.: 5.2kgs

Volume: 0.038cbm

Packaging Size: 91cm(L)x63.5cm(W)x6.5cm(H)

Available Colors:

Classic Silver/Charming Blue/Elegant Gold

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The lightest table in it’s field, weighing only 8.2lbs! An excellent folding table for competitions, mobile groomers or as an extra workstation in the salon. Rust proof and strong, while being lightweight. The metal table top measures 60cm x 45cm, making it suitable for small breeds, cats and other small pets. Available in a range of different colours (Gold, Blue and Black). Does not come with a grooming arm.


  • Folding Competition Table
  • Ultra-light at only 8.2 lbs, Innovative design, The lightest table in the competition field. All aluminum material
  • Strong, light, convenient, will never rust. A wonderful table ideal for groomer competitions. Also suitable for Mobil groomers and demonstrations.
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 24″x18″x31.5″

A table is essential when trimming your pet. But in order to save more space and be more convenient, aluminum alloy folding tables have become the first choice of many pet owners. Its advantages are as follows:


What are the advantages of aluminum alloy folding table?


  • Safe to use, firm in structure, able to bear heavy weight, not easy to replace, and long in service life.
  • The fully open aluminum alloy folding table can be folded into a suitcase within 1 minute, light weight, easy to lift by both men and women, and can be used for pet shearing anywhere.
  • The legs of the aluminum alloy folding table are made of solid aluminum alloy square tube, which can bear a large weight. The structure of the whole folding table is designed according to the mechanical principle, the simplest structure can bear the maximum weight.


What to pay attention to when purchasing aluminum alloy folding table??


  • When buying this type of table, pay attention to whether the welds are smooth and free of voids. Pay attention to whether the coating is uniform and soft, and the spring performance is good. To determine if the bayonet is secure, the chutes are not unwieldy. To see the overall quality of the frame, rock the entire folding table back and forth with both hands, rocking it, and firmly indicating the frame.
  • Finally, open and close the table, change every angle, and see if the comfort is good. Also, the folded part should be easy to open, but tight, but loose and just right. Consider the size of the space. According to the size of the space, choose different sizes of folding tables.
  • Consider where to place the folding table. The folding table is very lightweight and flexible, with a wall-to-wall design. How to choose depends on personal preference and space.
  • Color matching. Choose the color of the folding table according to the specific home environment.
    When we buy aluminum alloy folding table, we also need to determine the size of our pet, so that we can determine the size of the folding table.


Cleaning and maintenance tips about Aluminum Folding Table


In order to have a better life of aluminum alloy folding tables and chairs, it is necessary to clean and maintain them in time after use. The following tips will teach you!

  • Taboo when cleaning: Do not pour water directly on the table, or use a particularly damp rag to wipe, these may cause water to soak around the table and cause some damage. The correct way is to scrub with a semi-dry rag with detergent, and then use a dry rag afterward.
  • Avoid using some cleaners with larger chemical components, and some harder items to wipe, such as steel balls, abrasive paper, etc., which are easy to damage the surface of the table and chairs.
  • After cleaning, you need to spray car wax or wipe some sewing machine oil for maintenance to prolong the service life.